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Into Chrysalis released in Minitek Vol.1 (JJ Records)

Into Chrysalis” will be released tomorrow for JJ Records on a Beatport Exclusive (it means the first month it will be exclusively available for download on Beatport) along with a splendid remix by my dear friend and skilled producer Erroi.

This is an “old” track I made and Marco remixed (he also did the mastering process) but the release was delayed for a long time, now it’s finally out in a compilation by  JJ Records. I am not totally happy because I wanted a single EP release but… hey, better than anything 🙂

the original track is an acoustic like trip (actually there is nothing acoustic in it, but the overall idea reminds me of something acoustic) with a laid back mood wich makes it nice for a cup of tea at 5 o’ clock with your feet sinking in the river…yep! but then it’s just a weird techno tune with strong bass drum in the second part and a long intro which could be good for mixing with other tracks in a djset.

I hope to get some feedbacks and some new contacts and friends because this is all about 😉

here’s the track!

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