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groovebox today: say hello to Tempest :)

Dave Smith Instruments & Roger Linn togheter for this beauty….



Analog Drum Machine at its top! I may get one when I raise enough money 🙂

…and here’s Roger Linn himself on the Tempest

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IQSV ep out soon on Revox Records!

IQSV will be my next release out on Revox Records (top quality deep tech-house taiwanese label).

(one of the three tracks included in the ep)

The ep tells the story of Davide Lazzaretti, who  in 1878, along with his fellows  was slaugthered by the Carabinieri  while manifestating their beliefs in the plain outside of Arcidosso (Tuscany). They believed in a different society (sort of socialsitic but still dense of christian dogmas and rules) but where considered erethic by the Roman Catholic Church and seen as revolutionaries by the recent formed Italian Republic which was still fighting at the time with gangs of outlaws spread all over the peninsula.

IQSV (In Questo Segno Vincerai – In This Sign You will Win) was the slogan that hundreds of faithful furthers to David Lazzaretti brought back on the banners and on their flags on the day 18 of August of 1878 when, coming down in procession from their community located on the slopes of the Labaro mount, they arrived in Arcidosso and there they were slaughtered by the gunshots of the Police officers (the Carabinieri) of the recent unified Italian nation.

David Lazaretti, after the first part of its life spent between the hermitage and preaching, in particular in Tuscany and France, decides to stop itself and to found on the mount Labbro (today Labaro mount)  a religious community, with highly social attempts, in which the participants (peasants and craftsmen) made available the possessed assets in order to redistribute according to the need. In the election of the managing organs of the Community, David instituted the universal suffrage, with the ballot which extended to the women, when this was still unknown to not only in the Italian State but also in the other European states. These initiatives intended subversive, will determine that strange alliance between State and Church that led to the violent repression of the movement which lead to the death of the “povero prete“.

Three traks of deep techno that illustrate a page of forgotten Italian history.

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October 15th. Rome riots or the way to fuck it up.







I attended the big demonstration on the 15th of October in Rome along with many many peaceful people and some angry idiots.

I want to make clear that I don’t agree politically or strategically with the rioters (black blok and crazy heads or infiltrated fascists) charging and battling during the manifestation, mainly because they received all the attention and left none to the majority of the participants, which where there to show indignation and will to change society and its (wrong) rules and assets.

The main reason I was there was to show my indignation towards capitalism, banks and bankers, not to show haste or to devastate properties (which we will have to pay at the end).

Maybe we are the 98% not the 99% because, if math is precise, I don’t think the 99% want the rioters included, so let’s take the 1% out.

I must admit that I never saw so many engaging duels with the police as this time. I believe they were organized and reading this article in could explain it even better, but also I think that the police behavior was really provocative (as always) forcing even more people to violence and disorders: I saw the trucks with the hydrants mounted on top, repeatedly charging the peaceful majority in San Giovanni square leaving them soaked with nothing else to do than going home (or charging back). And I also saw police trucks striking in the middle of the people standing peacefully in front of the Basilica.

This is a pretty indecent way to disperse a manifestation.

The political reason and responsibility to me is very easy to point out: Saturday should have been the celebrations  for the end of Berlusconi’s rotted  government but, in a very unpredictable way, on Friday, the government had the numbers in Parliament to keep on going, so everyone was really frustrated and angry and that anger naturally exploited in violence and riots. So, if the Italian politics were wise enough to put the good of the country in front of their personal grief and stupidity, probably this would not have happened. But this is only a theory.

But I am really tired of the same old corrupted and ineffective politics. Stop the old shitty and corrupted Italian political parties we are tired of your interfering, you had your time, now please it’s time to extinguish.

I also hate all the people which thinks they are doing such a great job for humanity standing behind the police forces, shooting photos and videos. I think this is very bad: these self called photo-reporters are just waiting for the worse to happen, hoping to shot the coolest photo…c’mooooon you are very pathetic – and cowards.

This to comment this cartoon, which is going viral on the web, but I must say the rioters were many, I never saw so many ppl fighting in the streets and squares in a manifestation in Rome.

Last thought to the police forces: how can you stand and defend politics we all know are corrupted and proved criminals?, those same politics which are destroying your life and your future also. You promised to serve and protect the weak, the oppressed and the honest, don’t you see you are on the wrong side?

Finally I don’t think big manifestations can be the solution to change the contemporary unfair and useless society, we need to change our lifestyle, we need to be concerned of what we do (what we eat, consume, waste) we need to experiment contemporary forms of rebellion, we are already there we only need to focus and evolve in a smartest way.

Stop street violence which is so vintage and useless and easily instrumentalized.

I don’t want to wait for others to fulfill my head and my spare time. I want to be smart, modern, pacific but uncompromising.

In the end, one cool thing for you to download, the Rome Riot Sample Pack recorded and shared by

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Henry Rollins – what is wrong with you?!

I just watched this not-funny-at-all-video in which Henry Rollins (singer/songwriter: Black Flag, Rollins Band; actor: Jhonny Mnemonic, Dogtown and Z-Boys, Jackass 1 and 2, Lost Highways) talks shit about the rave scene and his people.

I don’t know what to think: first of all is not even funny (to me), second it’s kinda rude and desrespectful but more than anything is very wrong and ignorant, it sounds too much reactionary and stupid.

I use to like and respect Henry Rollins and what he’s done, but maybe he’s getting old and nuts.

“you got nothing
you got nothing to say
there’s nothing in your head
but your mouth keeps flapping anyway
you better
stop, stop, stop, stop
look and listen
you better
stop, stop, stop, stop
look and listen ”

from Rollins Band – Nice – Sanctuary 2001

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Rare 90’s Detroit techno video


90’s video which features Terrence Parker, Mike Huckaby, Juan Atkins, Ritchie Hawtin, Derrick May (huge!), Kevin Saunderson, Carl Craig, Rolando, Jeff Woodward, Gary Koral, Theorem, Kraftwerk, DJ Dunebugg…

pure detroit techno : minimal, soulful and machine driven!

this is top quality music.

lots of interviews, videoclips, intersting footages and faces I  love and respect, and I am sure you do the same!


via Das Kraftfuttermischwerk

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Gabe DM – Revox Records Radioshow 06





It’s online and free to download  my live set for Revox Records featuring some of my past releases (some of them rearranged), my remix for Jepy Jey’s Virosac (not released yet…. c’moon Jepy!!!), Giulio Maresca’s remix for Brides in Line, Erroi’s remix for Into Chrysalis, two tracks from the forthcoming IQSV ep out on Revox, plus some unreleased tracks.

Comments are welcomed!

revox records contacts:
Official :
Radioshow :

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