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MiMi, a record label.

I recently discovered this little but very unique net label called MiMi, a net label which released so far 179 (!!!) albums and eps.


Mimi covers many music genres: pop (electronic or acoustic), ambient, electronica, field recordings. Every release is special of his own and if you add the fact that everything (!!!) is downloadable for free you get a very special pack, with lots of goodies, to spend the next 100 hours of your listening-to-new-inspiring-stuff time.

I started from Mi176 a release from N-qia called Sweet Sequence EP, a glitchy/acoustic/electronic pop 4 tracks album from this avant-garde band from Tokyo: it’s unique and really inspiring, every detail is so impressively tidy and so solidly produced that is a joy especially  for my lately over stressed techno abused ears 🙂

Randomly you can playlist any of Mimi’s 179 releases, for example Spatial White Noise (Mi 106) which starts with a spoken words intro (some field recordings of a tv and noise in the background) to introduce a hyper relaxed acoustic song, very gentle until crazy noises start to raise along with chorus made of loooong vowels … it seems to be in a dream or in some dilated atmos like The Doors’ psychedelic trips. Very slurpy I must say.

Another aspect of uniqueness of Mimi is the geographic provenience, if you look the graphics and the elegance and sobriety  of the website anyone would undoubtedly say “far east….Japan!” but then, you hit the contact link, and this address pop up:

“MiMi Records
A/C Fernando Ferreira
Bairro António Sérgio, Bloco C1-2esq
3020-078 Coimbra – PORTUGAL”


See, it’s funny but hey it’s Portugal nothing Japanese at all.

This made me reconsider some past roommate’s bad experience I had with Portugueses, definitely I want to meet more Portuguese ppl as Fernando! Cause he’s doing a great great superb job!

the real reason for this strange connection is explained here 🙂

Anyway let’s stick to the subject:

Mimi has it all: do you like Ambient? Then check She Sings Sea Songs (Mi115) by Linda Bjalla so comfy and interesting it become my daily working soundtrack since two weeks.

Or you prefer more electronic groovy tunes? Then I suggest you to listen to Hiroshi Hirose a.k.a archidelics “Hairline Drawing” (mi007): sweet and smart micro-sampling IDM electronic.

If you are in a mood for some “new wave/electro pop/slow ambient intros” tunes (eheheh…) check Lili Hirakawa’s Spectrum Ep (Mi095) a beauty if his own, or AlektronicBirds Ep (Mi135).

Final word for Oporto’s producer ocp, because his 1234 ep is experimental and techno and glitch and noisy (and minimal and contemporary as I like).

Mimi records is what I like from a net label: free to download (of course), experimental, good quality, hidden gems, perfectly run.

Mimi has so many treasures for you to discover that will bring you through a journey of inspiring and quality music for the next winter months.

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