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Gabe DM – Italiansgroove radioshow #23

italiansgroove radioshow

I am happy to share with you the podcast I did for Italiansgroove radioshow.

Since I got robbed recently of my dj equipments I had to record it on Ableton Live, it was a real pain in the ass, maybe cause it was the first time I approach a dj session this way. I felt I was totally loosing the live djing feel in favour of a structured recording session. I did mapped the filters and eqs on my controller but still couldn’t get the fun I use to have while djing in real time.

I think I will have to find a different approach to live mixes in the future. if you have any advice go ahead and tell me 🙂

In the tracklist you will find tracks from producer I admire, friends and new discoveries, plus many of my recent tracks (of course eheheh).

Have a spin and share it if you like, don’t forget to thank the ppl who produce such beautiful tracks that are out there for us to enjoy.

1. Zadig – Dark Nebula (Kenny Larkin Remix)
2. Robert Hood – Drive (The Age Of Automation) (Ø [Phase] Nocturnal Mix)
3. Psyk – Transito
4. Gabe DM – Stolidity
5. CS 01 – B1 (Vinyl only)
6. Korova – Martello (Giulio Maresca remix)
7. Gabe DM – Bankruptcy Showbiz
8. Ken Ishii – EXTRA
9. Wax – 50005
10. Raffaele Attanasio – Black Bloc (Manzel Version)
11. Unbalance – Untitled 1
12. Jamie Guerkin – Monophobie (Gabe DM remix)
13. Steve Rachmad – Fruit Of The Room
14. Savas Pascalidis – Sonic Groove (Skudge Rework)
15. O/V/R – Post-Traumatic Son (DVS1 Pessimist Mix)
16. Miriam Macrì – Bye Bye Mademoiselle (Gabe DM remix)
17. Shifted – Sektor A
18. Orquesm – NootZaak (unreleased)
19. Terrence Dixon – Minimalism (DVS1 Remix)
20. Stefano Infusino – T600
21. Gabe DM – Untitled06

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Stanley Kubrick: a life in pictures.

“Stanley Kubrick, a life in pictures” is a 2001 documentary about the great film director which offers a rare in-depth look into Kubrick’s career as a filmmaker. It consists of several 15 minutes chapters, one for every film he directed with interviews and details and everything a Kubrick’s hardcore fan will need.

the documentary collects interviews from colleagues and friends like noted directors Scorsese, Allen and Spielberg; actors like Malcom McDowell, Peter Ustinov, Matthew Modine, Nicole Kidman.

I almost forgot that the narrator is mr. Tom Cruise himself. what would you need more? 🙂

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Step Down. Sick of it All.

“In the underground, integrity lies within
in the underground, image doesn’t mean a thing
when the substance lacks it’s plain for all to see
if the deal is right then respect is where it should be.

For the fakes and frauds it’s a fucking fashion show
total compromise will have them sell their soul.
all the negative all the useless influence
all the emptiness all the violent detriment
makes no sense…”

“In the undeground, integrity lies within” it’s my new mantra.

ps. the video is so damn cool and makes me happy everytime I watch it.

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TODD MCLELLAN and things fall apart

Things Come Apart is an expansion of the original “Disassembly Series”. This new set of images explores retro to modern daily items that have, are, or will be in our everyday lives. The book “Things Come Apart” published by Thames & Hudson will be available May.

It’s beautiful and smart and minimalistic.

These are my favuorite ones:



Todd McLellan is a Toronto-based artist.

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