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Great ambient-space music from UK.

band: VAAST
album title: Chi Sagittarii

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Carsten Nicolai talks about his research and work.

Here is a very interesting interview with Carsten Nicolai aka Alva Noto, artist and owner of German based experimental electronic label known as Raster-Noton, probably the best avant-garde electronic music label in the world today, at least that I know 🙂

The other half of Raster-Noton is Olaf Bender, also known as Byetone. really these two guys are so good that you ears won’t believe it.

Based in Chemnitz, Germany, Raster-Noton merged in 1999 from separate labels Rastermusik and Noton (Archiv für Ton und Nichtton). The collective label’s aesthetic focus is rhythmic, minimal electronic music alternating between glitchy and ambient textures and industrial electric flares.

in this interview Mr. Nicola explains his view and attitude towards electronic music production and multimedia.

He’s a genius and I thank him for his work.

the interview I got it from Variety Of Sound.

Also make sure to check Raster-Noton’s splendid catalogue.

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I recently discovered StillStream a wow web radio station focused on ambient music. It streams 24h everyday: many shows are scheduled as well as fully streamed live acts and artists showcases. If you are into ambient music or, like me, just enjoy listening to great evocative and experimental music this radio is a great way to discover new soundscapes and producers from all over the world .

pretty cool also is the fact that you can always see what’s  streaming at the moment: artist, relase and label, all linked to their page.


plus Featured Release, Featured Artist and Featured Label sections are there with lots of info and articles to dig deeper and learn more.

There is more: a chat service to talk with listeners from everywhere and meet new ppl.

so if you like Ambient, Drone, Cinematic, Space, Electronic and every other nuance of experimental music be sure to tune in and get carried away.


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Oberheim matrix-1000. want!

I will get one of this analog beauty in the box: Oberheim Matrix-1000.


it’s cheap (in the used market) and very very tempting. I may own a piece of 80s this way… and get padded away.

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Krautrock – The Rebirth of Germany (BBC Documentary)

“At the time when most of the West was rocking out to guitar gods, something very different was born in Germany: electronic music was virgin.”


Great documentary aired on BBC FOUR about the german movement called KRAUTROCK where a bunch of  uncompromising and original artists, in between 1968 and 1977, were looking for a way to exit their heavy past creating a new form of music. 
Bands like Neu!, Can, Faust, Tangerine Dream, Cluster and Kraftwerk would look beyond western rock and roll and jazz to create some of the most original and uncompromising music ever heard. They shared one common goal – a forward- looking desire to transcend Germany’s gruesome past.




“…there are not knights of the realm here, just happy and experimental musicians.”


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Meet Michael Ballus and his analogue artillery

I am pleased to introduce you a great producer called Michael Ballus.

His love for analogue instruments is enormous and in his bunker in Bad Driburg – it’s the real name, I myself thought it was Michael saying his town was “bad” but… it’s the city’s real name – close to Kassel in Germany, there Michael collects and plays many juicy analog machines.

Michael grew up with friends like Gabriel Ananda (Trapez), Alex Multhaupt (Karmarouge) and Graziano Avitabile (Platzhirsch Schallplatten) all of them transmitted to Michael the love for hardware and djing.

He produces only on hardware synths and boxes, bypassing completely any computer based sequencer or Vst instruments and Vst efx, because he says they sound cold.

I asked him what was his favourite piece of gears he owns and heanswered it’s the analog synth Deep Bass Nine and the 808 clone Mam Adx-1 .

Complementary to his analogue artillery Michael often uses his own field recordings of natural sound processed to get unique hats and snares – this tecnique is nowadys used by many producers as TommyFourSeven, Plastikman and myself (eheheh).

Actually he’s looking for a serious label to release his deep tracks and he’s also working on some new ambient music projects.

I really love Michael’s  webcam video in which he plays live his own tracks in the studio, YouTube is full of such videos, be sure to check them out so to get a taste of his incredibly elegant sound and analogue warmth.

Here’s a couple of links:

so far he released for Rumpfunk Records two deep and experimental lps full of techno, electronica and ambient: Waldgedicht EP (October 2008) and In Weiter Ferne which registers the label’s downloads record: 60.000!!! being Rumpfunk a netlabel you can freely download both of them 🙂

Last cool things about Michael, he’s an hardcore gamer, those fps games in which you roam around with a big gun in your hands trying to shoot enemies, actually his web clan is Homefront’s number one in the world . wow! – this is why you can see homefront’s big poster stuck on Michael studio wall.

Now let’s hit play and drown deeply with michael’s warm music.

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Something Leninist included in IPO//030. a superb compilation

Ipoligica Recordings’ guys are back with this excellent compilation featuring many great producers and friends.

IPO//030 is available now only at beatport Exclusive (bhuuuuu) but will be sold on every major web music store shortly, so for all of you who don’t have a beatport account (or just hate beatport) be patient and wait for your favourite web store to sell this compilation in the near future.

the compilation contains “12 tracks by 12 different artists. A concept where the pure electronic music and experimental (Gianluca Angelini – boss at ANG rec, Giulio Maresca – boss at Ipologica Recordings, Miquel Salla) through the deep sounds (Gabe Dm, Alveol, Enrico Sedda, Yuuki Hori, Gabriele Brunno – boss at NGB) and dub-techno sounds (Ness, Gale Talk) ending up in things hybrid, more acid (Kawatin) and mental (Fabio Sestili – also boss at Ipologica Recordings). An image of a beautiful label that has as a common denominator: the love for the sound class and its roots in electronic music”.

I really like the music in this compilation, particularly the first track scored by Alveol, which is a great producer and a very sweet guy.

I would like to make a special mention to the track called Soundtrack by Giulio Maresca who shows here his more intimate and delicate side, he’s not only a fine techno dj but also a great producer with a good taste and strong technique.

personally I also like the track by Miquel Salla, it’s got good synths sounds, sparkling hats and stompig kick. I also like the Ness’ one it’s got his particular dub touch which defines his style.

my track?…it’s just a piece of vintage sounding sovietic dancefloor stomper 😀 (or at least this is what I imagine sovietic youth to dance in their uniform when they party on the 23 of february for the day of Indipendence). this is it:

comment or criticize it if you feel like 🙂


in the end… the compi is great and you should buy it as a christmas gift for your top quality seeker friends 🙂 I am so proud to be part of it!

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Kraftwerk, and the Electronic revolution – documentary

Kraftwerk And The Electronic Revolution by Thomas Arnold

Kraftwerk And The Electronic Revolution

This long documentary (180 minutes !!!) attempts to cover the rise of German electronic and experimental music from the 1960s, centered on Kraftwerk but focusing on the large avant-garde/ kraut rock scene that developed in the eastern Europe.

Aside form the many clips, both from videoclip and concerts, very interesting to me is the long interview with Karl Bartos (member of Kraftwerk form 1975 unitl the 90’s).

it’s a long documentary but  very nice produced  which reminds me of another fabulous music documentary aired on BBC4 called Synth Britannia, here the topic is the english new wave but the seed still came from the Kraftwerk.







(via VST Cafe)

Look up on youtube for the other 13 parts or buy it on Amazon. com



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meet the mysterious RROSE


my ears are frying and I am crying out of joy.

this is RROSE

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MiMi, a record label.

I recently discovered this little but very unique net label called MiMi, a net label which released so far 179 (!!!) albums and eps.


Mimi covers many music genres: pop (electronic or acoustic), ambient, electronica, field recordings. Every release is special of his own and if you add the fact that everything (!!!) is downloadable for free you get a very special pack, with lots of goodies, to spend the next 100 hours of your listening-to-new-inspiring-stuff time.

I started from Mi176 a release from N-qia called Sweet Sequence EP, a glitchy/acoustic/electronic pop 4 tracks album from this avant-garde band from Tokyo: it’s unique and really inspiring, every detail is so impressively tidy and so solidly produced that is a joy especially  for my lately over stressed techno abused ears 🙂

Randomly you can playlist any of Mimi’s 179 releases, for example Spatial White Noise (Mi 106) which starts with a spoken words intro (some field recordings of a tv and noise in the background) to introduce a hyper relaxed acoustic song, very gentle until crazy noises start to raise along with chorus made of loooong vowels … it seems to be in a dream or in some dilated atmos like The Doors’ psychedelic trips. Very slurpy I must say.

Another aspect of uniqueness of Mimi is the geographic provenience, if you look the graphics and the elegance and sobriety  of the website anyone would undoubtedly say “far east….Japan!” but then, you hit the contact link, and this address pop up:

“MiMi Records
A/C Fernando Ferreira
Bairro António Sérgio, Bloco C1-2esq
3020-078 Coimbra – PORTUGAL”


See, it’s funny but hey it’s Portugal nothing Japanese at all.

This made me reconsider some past roommate’s bad experience I had with Portugueses, definitely I want to meet more Portuguese ppl as Fernando! Cause he’s doing a great great superb job!

the real reason for this strange connection is explained here 🙂

Anyway let’s stick to the subject:

Mimi has it all: do you like Ambient? Then check She Sings Sea Songs (Mi115) by Linda Bjalla so comfy and interesting it become my daily working soundtrack since two weeks.

Or you prefer more electronic groovy tunes? Then I suggest you to listen to Hiroshi Hirose a.k.a archidelics “Hairline Drawing” (mi007): sweet and smart micro-sampling IDM electronic.

If you are in a mood for some “new wave/electro pop/slow ambient intros” tunes (eheheh…) check Lili Hirakawa’s Spectrum Ep (Mi095) a beauty if his own, or AlektronicBirds Ep (Mi135).

Final word for Oporto’s producer ocp, because his 1234 ep is experimental and techno and glitch and noisy (and minimal and contemporary as I like).

Mimi records is what I like from a net label: free to download (of course), experimental, good quality, hidden gems, perfectly run.

Mimi has so many treasures for you to discover that will bring you through a journey of inspiring and quality music for the next winter months.

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