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Henry Rollins – what is wrong with you?!

I just watched this not-funny-at-all-video in which Henry Rollins (singer/songwriter: Black Flag, Rollins Band; actor: Jhonny Mnemonic, Dogtown and Z-Boys, Jackass 1 and 2, Lost Highways) talks shit about the rave scene and his people.

I don’t know what to think: first of all is not even funny (to me), second it’s kinda rude and desrespectful but more than anything is very wrong and ignorant, it sounds too much reactionary and stupid.

I use to like and respect Henry Rollins and what he’s done, but maybe he’s getting old and nuts.

“you got nothing
you got nothing to say
there’s nothing in your head
but your mouth keeps flapping anyway
you better
stop, stop, stop, stop
look and listen
you better
stop, stop, stop, stop
look and listen ”

from Rollins Band – Nice – Sanctuary 2001

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why people think it’s ok for big corporations to bombard us with posters and commercial campaigns, invading every bit of our visual landscape with terrible looking commercial, and then get so upset for a tag on some building or a graffiti in their neighborhood’s street?

I don’t like tags neither – I think they’re ugly – but I hate much more commercial pubblicity and their lies.

this doc may be an interesting chance to think about the matter:

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Monopolygamy…Jamie Guerkin gets remixed!

Eat this and take that! The most amorous boyband since Motörhead takes over and endows the world this pack of remixes. Boywithoutmemory (the fancy guy), Kiddo (darling of all mothers-in-law), BHL (the personate dandy), Gabe DM (the Italian Stallion) and Birdy Earns (the last real waltz dancer) are adding more than half an hour of sounds to the great album MONO by Jamie Guerkin.





This release also celebrates the relaunch of Weisskalt/Blauwarm’s myspace- appearance”

The tracks were mastered at ARKTIS Studio by Sebastian Fischbeck which appears in the compilation under the alias of Boywithoutmemory.

remember it’s free to download!!!


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meet my friend and ambient-maestro called Sustainer

Ola Artwork.

I found this thick and melancholic track in SUSTAINER’  soundcloud page and it was free for download, so I thought I will upload it here.

you can also download here the full compilation double EP called ASADUKI, released for Hipi Duki Music, featuring this song and other good music producers like Tanox, Leit and more.

please enjoy  Sustainer‘s music!

visit his myspace or his web site

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Visit me at Reverbnation!!!


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Hello world!

GabeDM blog page, lots of information and news about my music, my shows, my friends.

stay tuned!

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