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SUBSEKT Techno Community: an inspiring place.


Subsekt is a great forum and a passionate community of techno lovers. In there you will share thoughts and techniques with great and established producers like Mattias Fridell or Voidloss, Aka-Carl plus lots of young and talented ones as Mslwte or Autologic and many others for you to discover (there is a great section about new producers suggestions).

I really enjoy this community as everyone is ready to help and sharing their skills which is the best thing it can happen to a curious techno producer like me and you 🙂

In Subsekt you can scroll through geeky posts about hardware and compression techniques or take a break watching photos (I got to say how much I was shocked one day looking through the nice pics section  finding a weird pic of someone’s legs coming out from a thrashcan and realize that pic was taken on the street where I live in Rome…jeeeez) but also you can read about parties all around europe.


but most of all you can listen to great contemporary, underground, unique techno in its countless facets.


now you are ready to join SUBSEKT.

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