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VEGUCATED. an emotional and not-so-shocking movie about Veganism

I got to tell you, I watch VEGUCATED and I really really enjoyed it.
Of course some tears fall from my eyes but it’s ok, it’s an emotional issue for me…seeing ppl getting to know what Veganism is about, going through the “eyes opening” process and so on, it’s a good thing for me. I always get touched.

the movie is directed by Marisa Miller Wolfson and won the Best Documentary at Toronto Independent Film Festival in 2011.

Really, I recommend everyone to see the movie, especially kids in school.

It’s not just terrifying images of slaughterhouses movie (yes, something you’ll see but…) and the story is real: three different persons get initiated to the vegan diet, through medical visits, lectures, documentaries and trips to farms. everything falls into its right place: once you open your eyes and see what actually means eating meat you cannot go back anymore.

once again: be fair, be rebel, be vegan!

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Kraftwerk, and the Electronic revolution – documentary

Kraftwerk And The Electronic Revolution by Thomas Arnold

Kraftwerk And The Electronic Revolution

This long documentary (180 minutes !!!) attempts to cover the rise of German electronic and experimental music from the 1960s, centered on Kraftwerk but focusing on the large avant-garde/ kraut rock scene that developed in the eastern Europe.

Aside form the many clips, both from videoclip and concerts, very interesting to me is the long interview with Karl Bartos (member of Kraftwerk form 1975 unitl the 90’s).

it’s a long documentary but  very nice produced  which reminds me of another fabulous music documentary aired on BBC4 called Synth Britannia, here the topic is the english new wave but the seed still came from the Kraftwerk.







(via VST Cafe)

Look up on youtube for the other 13 parts or buy it on Amazon. com



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Grundeinkommen – reddito garantito: it’s some you want to think about

“We spent the last 100 years freeing men and women from labour,  rationalizing and automating the factories and now we cringe because there are no working place for everyone”



I think it’s time for us to see other possibilities, it’s defenetly time to re-think/re-shape/re-imagine our society.

watch this excellent documentary filmed by Daniel Hani and Enno Schmidt and we may go for a more sustainable life.


the idea is the Basic Income Guarantee, a system which provides each citizen with a sum of money in order to provide for individual basic human needs, the smart thing is that the sum is entirely unconditional.

If we are all granted with a basic sum of money to dignity live, we can then choose where to focus, what to do with our life,  where and how to work. so we could be all freed from the income struggle and start to live. this is not just an utopia it’s completeply affordable by the taxes we pay.

Basic Income Network.

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Something important.

this is very interesting and requires a change of lifestyle.

take your time and watch the “FOOD, INC.” documentary

you can buy it or watch it on many megavideos web sites

How can be a raw carrot more expensive then some fatty and processed french fries?

it doesn’t have to be profit everywhere, I am tired of this.

I turned vegetarian some weeks ago and I feel smart and healty.

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