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OUT NOW IPO//021 – Gabe DM!

Finally my first EP is out on IPOLOGICA.

this is the coolest graphic I could imagine for it:

The EP is perfectly descripted on their website so I will post that.

“Artist’s release description:

The two track are inspired by Osvaldo Bayer’s “Patagonia Rebelde”. The book tells of the tragic facts that took place in the Santa Cruz region of Argentina in 1921 when strikes endangered the interests of a few wealthy landowners.
The strikes were brutally ended by the government army, led by President Hipolito Yrigoyen and his commander Hector Benigno Varela. More than 1500 workers were killed during these strikes, making it one of the saddest pages in Argentinean history.

The epilogue of these events took place on CALLE FITZ ROY Street. On January the 27th, two years after the revolt, a German worker named Kurt Wilckens, killed Hector Benigno Varela at 2461 Calle Fitz Roy, in the neighbourhood of Palermo in Buenos Aires. Firing six shoots of his Colt, he screamed loudly, “I revenged my comrades”. Kurt Wilkens was jailed and subsequently killed in jail by one of Varela’s relative.

PASO IBANEZ is the place where, on the 23rd of November of 1921, the first worker’s shooting took place. The strikers where entrenched in the local movie theatre and were negotiating their surrender with Varela in exchange for a comrades’ release. Varela tricked them and killed them all. After this the Patagonian strikes were all terminated, with the army arresting and shooting most of the strikers.

I am really happy about this and really excited so I want to thank Giulio and Fabio from IPOLOGICA for the opportunity they are giving me.

Please go check their web site so to discover all of their interesting releases.

stay tuned for more!

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