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IQSV ep out soon on Revox Records!

IQSV will be my next release out on Revox Records (top quality deep tech-house taiwanese label).

(one of the three tracks included in the ep)

The ep tells the story of Davide Lazzaretti, who  in 1878, along with his fellows  was slaugthered by the Carabinieri  while manifestating their beliefs in the plain outside of Arcidosso (Tuscany). They believed in a different society (sort of socialsitic but still dense of christian dogmas and rules) but where considered erethic by the Roman Catholic Church and seen as revolutionaries by the recent formed Italian Republic which was still fighting at the time with gangs of outlaws spread all over the peninsula.

IQSV (In Questo Segno Vincerai – In This Sign You will Win) was the slogan that hundreds of faithful furthers to David Lazzaretti brought back on the banners and on their flags on the day 18 of August of 1878 when, coming down in procession from their community located on the slopes of the Labaro mount, they arrived in Arcidosso and there they were slaughtered by the gunshots of the Police officers (the Carabinieri) of the recent unified Italian nation.

David Lazaretti, after the first part of its life spent between the hermitage and preaching, in particular in Tuscany and France, decides to stop itself and to found on the mount Labbro (today Labaro mount)  a religious community, with highly social attempts, in which the participants (peasants and craftsmen) made available the possessed assets in order to redistribute according to the need. In the election of the managing organs of the Community, David instituted the universal suffrage, with the ballot which extended to the women, when this was still unknown to not only in the Italian State but also in the other European states. These initiatives intended subversive, will determine that strange alliance between State and Church that led to the violent repression of the movement which lead to the death of the “povero prete“.

Three traks of deep techno that illustrate a page of forgotten Italian history.

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