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Move D – BIS Radio Show #734

Mr Move D plays Apeiron on his BIS RADIO Show. lots of love man!

The Hipodrome Of Music

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Further Pushers: Apeiron – Love Blast

Further Pushers’ debut reviewed on Pattern Burst. A track by track review plus a focus over contemporary underground techno scene. make sure to read it through.

Independent Electronics Commission

With all the chest beating and soul-searching that has accompanied the massive changes to the musical landscape in the last few years, it would be easy to think that we are heading into an end-times where all music will finally be defeated by the forces of evil. Digital platforms, if we are to believe the hype, have probably killed music off for good. Sales are down, piracy rampant, and even if you can get your hands on new music it will probably be by some teenage idiot utilising a cracked copy of FL studio to stick some low bit rate samples of the Amen break behind one of their mates singing about smoking weed.

It’s not exactly true though, is it? Those who once benefited from what were essentially cartels are still scrambling to repair the cash pipeline that ruptured as more and more methods of distribution came online. And…

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This Is What Streaming Services Are Paying An Indie Artist.

This Is What Streaming Services Are Paying An Indie Artist.

This article comes from DIGITAL MUSIC NEWS. the artist is cellist Zoë Keating.

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let’s skate!

They cost a lot, $159.99(USD) from Cardiff Skate Co.

Now you can skate all you want, whenever you want and I think this is fun!

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“Fucked Up, Got Ambushed, Zipped In [into a body bag]”. read it FUGAZI.

long time favourite band: FUGAZI.
Formed in 1987 in Washington, D.C. from the ashes of HC-punk band Minor Threat, till today they released 7 album, all of them are great and innovative.

The band always embraced the DIY ethic, keeping low prices for gigs and albums. this is why the band is self managed and releases the albums through Dischord Records (Ian MacKaye one of the singer, is also the boss at Dischord).

four members: Guy Picciotto,Ian MacKaye, Joe Lally and Brendan Canty. it’s said they were the band that brought punk and hardcore to the post-rock genre (or Post-Hardcore). ppl argue that post-hardcore is born with the Minutemen few years before, but who cares…FUGAZI are genius blending noise, hc, melodies and solid groove.

this is Exit Only (from Steady Diet of Nothing, 1991) played Live in 1993.

and this is Epic Problem form their (last) ep called Argument. I had a roomate who would do his pushups (hundreds of) with this album and he became strong as superman.

also, every FUGAZI’s record contains an instrumental tracks and this one is my fav from the RED MEDICINE album. It’s called Combination Locker.

last track for you is Dear Justice Letter still form Steady Diet of Nothing.

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Stanley Kubrick: a life in pictures.

“Stanley Kubrick, a life in pictures” is a 2001 documentary about the great film director which offers a rare in-depth look into Kubrick’s career as a filmmaker. It consists of several 15 minutes chapters, one for every film he directed with interviews and details and everything a Kubrick’s hardcore fan will need.

the documentary collects interviews from colleagues and friends like noted directors Scorsese, Allen and Spielberg; actors like Malcom McDowell, Peter Ustinov, Matthew Modine, Nicole Kidman.

I almost forgot that the narrator is mr. Tom Cruise himself. what would you need more? 🙂

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Step Down. Sick of it All.

“In the underground, integrity lies within
in the underground, image doesn’t mean a thing
when the substance lacks it’s plain for all to see
if the deal is right then respect is where it should be.

For the fakes and frauds it’s a fucking fashion show
total compromise will have them sell their soul.
all the negative all the useless influence
all the emptiness all the violent detriment
makes no sense…”

“In the undeground, integrity lies within” it’s my new mantra.

ps. the video is so damn cool and makes me happy everytime I watch it.

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“Bye Bye Mademoiselle” by Miriam Macri, including Gabe DM and Mechanique remix

Hey there,

here’s my latest released track. It’s a remix I did for Italian  producer Miriam Macri out on Benthic Recordings. The track is called Bye Bye Mademoiselle and gives title to the Ep wich includes another original track called Hello Mademoiselle and one more remix by Mechanique (also label boss).

For this remix I received the parts from the label but I used little of them, like the pad sound wich I chopped and used a loop of it and the dubby melody that comes in at 5:00 circa.

I used some cricket’s noise I recorded this summer in the wood that you can hear almost through the whole song and some big fly buzz which I also record this summer while working on a live show I did in Viareggio (Tuscany).

I tried to improve my mixing skill and tried to blend smoothly bass and kick drum following all the hints my friends and colleagues gave me on Subsekt.

One word about Miriam and Jaime/Mecanique: they are really nice people and very skilled producer so please take your time to surf the web looking for their stuff, it’s totally worth trust me 🙂

I hope you like the remix I did but also check the whole ep out because all the tracks are very good. Support the label and the artist buying the tracks on web stores, but if you are a dj and want to support the release by playing the tracks in your set go ahead and message me and I will send you the promo pack 🙂

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Meet Michael Ballus and his analogue artillery

I am pleased to introduce you a great producer called Michael Ballus.

His love for analogue instruments is enormous and in his bunker in Bad Driburg – it’s the real name, I myself thought it was Michael saying his town was “bad” but… it’s the city’s real name – close to Kassel in Germany, there Michael collects and plays many juicy analog machines.

Michael grew up with friends like Gabriel Ananda (Trapez), Alex Multhaupt (Karmarouge) and Graziano Avitabile (Platzhirsch Schallplatten) all of them transmitted to Michael the love for hardware and djing.

He produces only on hardware synths and boxes, bypassing completely any computer based sequencer or Vst instruments and Vst efx, because he says they sound cold.

I asked him what was his favourite piece of gears he owns and heanswered it’s the analog synth Deep Bass Nine and the 808 clone Mam Adx-1 .

Complementary to his analogue artillery Michael often uses his own field recordings of natural sound processed to get unique hats and snares – this tecnique is nowadys used by many producers as TommyFourSeven, Plastikman and myself (eheheh).

Actually he’s looking for a serious label to release his deep tracks and he’s also working on some new ambient music projects.

I really love Michael’s  webcam video in which he plays live his own tracks in the studio, YouTube is full of such videos, be sure to check them out so to get a taste of his incredibly elegant sound and analogue warmth.

Here’s a couple of links:

so far he released for Rumpfunk Records two deep and experimental lps full of techno, electronica and ambient: Waldgedicht EP (October 2008) and In Weiter Ferne which registers the label’s downloads record: 60.000!!! being Rumpfunk a netlabel you can freely download both of them 🙂

Last cool things about Michael, he’s an hardcore gamer, those fps games in which you roam around with a big gun in your hands trying to shoot enemies, actually his web clan is Homefront’s number one in the world . wow! – this is why you can see homefront’s big poster stuck on Michael studio wall.

Now let’s hit play and drown deeply with michael’s warm music.

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groovebox today: say hello to Tempest :)

Dave Smith Instruments & Roger Linn togheter for this beauty….



Analog Drum Machine at its top! I may get one when I raise enough money 🙂

…and here’s Roger Linn himself on the Tempest

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